Room Spray $ 24.95    Candle $ 54.95

 "As a Scent Designer, my goal is to capture a brand experience through scent. After 27 years in the business, it was my time to capture my story, this is Traci. "  

Join me at CorktownMarket November 19th, Toronto. 

Inspired by my love of bubbles and the effervescence of life, Traci captures the laughter of my life." Traci begins with top notes of sparkling citrus and marine notes that tickles the nose like the scent of fresh bubbly with full fruity wine, champagne, and fine florals. With the addition of sophisticated base notes of musk and bleached wood, Traci is the scent of passion and imagination.  The fragrance is offered through a home décor collection.  Hand poured vegan candles accompany a natural water base room spray formula.