" As a little girl I remember my father had the most memorable colognes.  Every time he hugged me, my heart would fill with love and delight.  My appreciation for scent only grew, for my mother would play a scent game with myself and siblings.  We would open up bottles of jams, jars or spices, and boxes of herbs: guessing and testing who could identify the most smells. 

My love and appreciation for scent had developed: and I was only 4 years old.

As a trained perfumer I was taught to smell in colour, my friends have always commented on my homes unique scent.  While decorating my home, I realized my colour matched my scents.

SCENT is a tool that connects us on an emotional level.  

 A scented space can be an incredible opportunity.  I plan to teach people, one space at a time. ​

I offer an authentic talk on my passion,

it is simple.. close your eyes, and take a WHIFF and love what you will feel..